Exam 2 notes - Exam 2 Chapter 3 Read starting page 71...

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Chapter 3 Read starting page 71 through chapter 7 Important figures: 71, 74, 75, 76, 77 Incoming Solar Radiation=In Sol Ation -short wave, electromagnetic Solat Radiation: intensity, duration : see loose leaf (function of latitude and time of year) noon=point at which sun is highest (crosses meridian) Higher latitudes north has lower angles of sun at noon (90-40 degrees latitude=50 degrees height of sun….90-30 degrees latitude=60 degrees height of sun) Railroad systems created need to make time zones in 1800s 1. Rotation: Earth rotates West to East, completes 1 rotation around its axis every 24 hours (day and night) 2. Revolution: Earth revolves around the sun every 365 ¼ days (seasons). Oval orbit: closest to the sun during the winter (but axis of Earth doesn’t let direct sun energy hit the Northern Hemisphere) 3. Inclination: Earth is tilted 23.5 degrees, points towards Polaris (N Star). 4. Parallelism: all points on axis and rotation are parallel Angle of sun for all latitudes on all dates SEE analemma pg 80: gives us declination of the sun. Gives us latitude for all dates of the sun See looseleaf Energy from sun is either absorbed or reflected. Reflected energy: long-wave, heat energy -referred to as the albedo (reflection) -varies depending on surface Absorbed: after absorbed, some energy is reradiated as heat Energy through Atmosphere Atmospheric Attenuation: (see loose leaf) Reflection: pollen, dust, smoke Refraction: H20, blue sky=refracted water molecules, like prism Absorption: surface Atmosphere is a selective filter! O3: (ozone) absorbs UV rays
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Exam 2 notes - Exam 2 Chapter 3 Read starting page 71...

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