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Exam 3 Review Sheet 1. 19 th century African Christians -African Christians of the 19 th c. can be broadly divided into two categories: expatriate Europeans and indigenous Africans. The former tended to maintain as much of the Christian life of their homeland as possible. Many slaves, women and the poor in Africa adopted Christianity. British Christian missionaries converted many Africans to Christianity during the 19 th c. 2. 19 th century Liberal Protestantism: purpose of missions, social justice. Vs. neo-orthodoxy 3. Advent 4. African Christianity -Alexandria, Egypt, Nibia, Ethiopia first state of Christian official religion 330. -Iberian Catholocism Portugese empire along African coast -1762-1960 Evangelicals and abolitionists (Sierra Leone, Liberia) -From evangelization to “civilizing missions” -Prot and Cath competing for converts -Berlin Conference 1884: Europe decides and divides Africa for colonization and civilization, Anti---Colonial sentiments among Africans -Ethiopianism ()Christianity is African, not an import)
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