CFA 111 lecture 1

CFA 111 lecture 1 - Explore new alternatives rather than...

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What is "good design"? A. Organization of elements, ideas or processes that fit together B. Structure with careful planning, efficient -> function C. Unified, dynamic -catches and holds the attention a. Stands out against an everyday environment A. Effective, well planned, helpful to everyday life B. Made well to perform a particular function made to achieve a goal C. Good intention of the design D. Considers needs of the user -> consequences E. Easily accessible by user and considers the need of the user F. Easily understood G. Sustainability H. Reusability I. Sensory a. Taps into various sense A. Makes you want to "lick" it -delightful, beauty, aesthetics -> form B. Economic limitations -practicality, affordability, cost, return on investment Ted talk -look up Gineen Binous (sp) -innovation inspired by nature Ted Talk in class: IDEO Design thinking -focus less on the design and more of the design thinking Integrative thinking Balance desirability, feasibility and visibility Design is human centered - looking at needs
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Unformatted text preview: Explore new alternatives rather than convergent options SAME VIDEO AS MGT 415 Rawsthorn, A. "What is a good design". New York Times. 06 June, 2008. 10 Jan 2011. http:// As our expectations of design change, so do those qualities and the relationship between them Whatever it is, and whatever other great qualities it has, it can't be well designed if it doesn't do something useful. Even better is if that something couldn't have been done before. Even today it's possible for something to qualify as good design simply by fulfilling its function efficiently. Good design does not mean good looks Our perception of what looks good is becoming increasingly complex, and often contradictory Once we sought beauty in art, but now we tend to prize it for being challenging or provocative, and feel more comfortable admiring beauty in things that are also useful...
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CFA 111 lecture 1 - Explore new alternatives rather than...

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