MGT 303 analysis of work

MGT 303 analysis of work - Chapter 4 Analysis and Design of...

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Chapter 4: Analysis and Design of Work Sunday, February 13, 2011 8:01 PM Work-flow analysis Provide a means for the managers to understand all the tasks required to produce a high- quality product and the skills necessary to perform those tasks prior to allocating and assigning these tasks to a particular job category or person. Includes analyzing: work outputs work processes work inputs Developing a work-unit Organizational structure The formal network of vertical and horizontal interconnections among jobs that constitute the organization. Organization structure provides a cross-sectional overview of the static relationship between individuals and units that create the outputs. Two important dimensions: 1. Centralization: degree to which decisions are made at the top vs throughout the organization 2. Departmentalization: work groups based on function Org structure
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Divisional Workflow departmentalization Low level of centralization Semi-autonomous Flexible and innovative Sensitive to subtle differences across products, regions and clients What is job analysis? The study of human work and what people do on a job. Focused on analyzing existing jobs to gather info for other HR management practices.
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MGT 303 analysis of work - Chapter 4 Analysis and Design of...

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