MGT 303 employee development

MGT 303 employee development - Chapter 9-Employee...

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Chapter 9 -Employee Development Wednesday, March 02, 2011 3:22 PM Development a.Focus -future b. Use of work experience -high c.Goal -preparation for changes d. Participation -voluntary -maybe you see something great in an employee i. When you have someone who is not performing the way you want them to Development and careers a.Development -formal education, job experience, relationships and assessment of personality and abilities that help employees prepare for the future b. Times when employee development needs are identified i. During performance review process 1. Here is what you are doing well 2. Here is what you need to do better 3. Here is how I can help 4. Hold them accountable for what they need to work on ii. During succession planning 1. Every employee will fill out a performance review from the employees 2. Take that information and make it into something that you can use 3. These are plan that say who will take a managers place if something happens iii. When being considered for promotion/job move 1. What are the missing pieces iv. After a negative or positive situation 1. This is what you are not going to do v. Self-identification 1. When employees come up and say things like
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MGT 303 employee development - Chapter 9-Employee...

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