MGT 303 training

MGT 303 training - Chapter 7 -Training Wednesday, March 02,...

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Chapter 7 -Training Wednesday, March 02, 2011 3:22 PM Training -a planned effort by a company to facilitate the learning of employees i. Focus - Current -to take someone in their current position and focus on what they need to do better ii. Use of work experience -low iii. Goal -preparation for current job iv. Participation -required/mandatory a. A learning experience planned by the organization that occurs after the person joins to further the org's goals b. Is becoming more and more focused on performance improvement for employee and business. i. Learning PERMANENTLY changes behavior…mere exposure is not learning. a. Strategic training and development process i. Business strategy 1. Mission 2. Values 3. Goals ii. Initiatives 1. Diversify the learning portfolio 2. Improve customer service 3. Accelerate the pace of employee learning 4. Capture and share knowledge iii. Activities 1. Use Web-based training 2. Make development planning mandatory 3. Develop web sites for knowledge sharing 4. Increase amount customer participation
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MGT 303 training - Chapter 7 -Training Wednesday, March 02,...

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