PSY 356 antidepressants 2

PSY 356 antidepressants 2 - ANTI-DEPRESSANTS CONTINUED...

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ANTI-DEPRESSANTS CONTINUED LOCUS COERULEUS THE LOCUS CERELLEUS A. In the brain stem B. Correlated with depression in terms of NE levels 1. NE low in LC correlated with depression 2. LC can mediate depression? Want to try to find a causal reason 3. Hypothesis: if we can manipulate NE levels experimentally in rats’ locus cerelluses (add more in depressed rats) will they still be depressed (float more than struggle in water) C. Unique in the brain because it ONLY has alpha 2 NE receptors 1. Alpha 2 NE receptors are INHIBITORY 2. When NE binds to alpha 2 NE receptors they produce an IPSP 3. Alpha 2 agonist “clonidine/catapress” showed reduced depression because it activated the inhibitory site to reduce the depression 4. Alpha 2 antagonist in locus cerelleus (same as removing NE in the LC) produces all the symptoms of depression in rats D. LC is a pontean nucleus containing only a few 1000 cells (neurons) in rats and only about 1500 (neurons) in primates 1. Small cluster of cells is responsible for all NE found in the cortex of the brain 2. LC has the widest axon distribution in brain (goes to more places in the brain than any other cell in the body) 3. We can demonstrate this because if you shock the dorsal bundle of cells in the brain you’ll retroactively activate (back fire the action potential) the locus cerellus a. Must be connected because if there was a synapse you wouldn’t be able to jump the synapse backwards (impossible) E. Physiological of Locus Cerelleus 1. LC fires spontaneously (absence of any excitatory input, fires by itself) 2. Extremely stable but very slow, one of the slowest in the brain, fires one action potential per
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PSY 356 antidepressants 2 - ANTI-DEPRESSANTS CONTINUED...

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