PSY 356 pharmacokinetics 1

PSY 356 pharmacokinetics 1 - P ha rmacokinetics-t ime and...

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Pharmacokinetics -time and movement of drugs -how drugs are handled by the body a. Combination of ADME determines the bioavailability of the drug or how much of the drug that is administered actually reaches its target b. Allows determination of the concentration of a drug at its receptors (sites of action ) and the intestity of drug effect on the receptors as a function of time c. Time and duration of drug effect A. Absorption -mode of administration (exception is IV drugs) -the process and mechanism by which drugs pass from the external world intot the bloodstream a. What happens to all drugs excluding intervenous (includes intrabrain) -all must get into solution first and then has to get from entry point (the outside of the tissue) to the blood stream/supply so that it can get to its target site b. Common ways of administration i. Oral (mouth) -gets through stomach wall 1. Stomach pH is 5 (lower pH more acidic) while normal blood is 7.4 2. External route that involved the gastrointestinal (GI) tract 3. Drug must be (somewhat lipid) soluble and stale in stomach fluid (not destroyed by gastric acid), enter the intestine, penetrate the lining of the stomach or intestine and pass into the bloodstream a. More lipid soluble, faster absorption 4. Disadvantages a. May occasionally lead to vomiting and stomach distress b. Although the amount of a drug in a tablet or capsule can be calculated, how much of it will be absorbed into the bloodstream cannot always be accurately predicted because of genetic differences between individual people and beacause of differences in the manufacture of the drug c. The acid in the stomach destroys some orally administered drugs before they can be absorbed and to be
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PSY 356 pharmacokinetics 1 - P ha rmacokinetics-t ime and...

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