PSY 356 psychedelics 1

PSY 356 psychedelics 1 - PSYCHEDELICS any agent that causes...

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PSYCHEDELICS –any agent that causes alteration in perception, cognition, and mood as its primary psychobiological action in the presence of an otherwise clear senorium. A. All act on CNS to produce visual hallucinations and out-of-body experiences B. Characterized by marked alterations in cortical functioning, including cognition, perception and mood C. Most structurally resemble one of the four neurotransmitters: acetylcholine, two catecholamines (NE and DA), and serotonin –leading to 3 of the 5 classes of psychedelic drugs 1. Anticholinergic 2. Catecholamineline 3. Serotoninlike 4. Glutaminergic NDMA receptor antagonist 5. Opiod kappa receptor agonist Anticholinergic Psychedelic Drugs –Scopolamine and Atropine A. Ach mus receptor blocker/antagonist 1. Binds to Ach mus receptors but is without Ach’s usual activity blocks the access of Ach to its receptors (anticholinergic) B. Found in parasympathetic nervous system –slowing heart-rate, increasing lung capacity 1. Peripheral nervous system effects a. Slowed breathing b. Dry mouth 2. Central nervous system effects a. Loss of memory i. At high dosage, they produce amnesia b. Clouding of consciousness i. Opposite of mind expanding drugs C. Found in 1. Motion-sickness patches 2. In nature –leaves of plants that contain atropine OR scopolamine are used in intoxicating beverages. a. Deadly nightshade (Atropa belladonna) –source of poison i.. Name derived from Atropa meaning one of the three Fates (deadly), and belladonna meaning beautiful woman because of its ability to dilate pupils (a sign of beauty) b. Jamestown weed, jimsonweed, stinkweed, thorn apple, or devil’s apple (Datura
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PSY 356 psychedelics 1 - PSYCHEDELICS any agent that causes...

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