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PHY 118 Final Study Guide -chapter 3

PHY 118 Final Study Guide -chapter 3 - PHY 118 Final Study...

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PHY 118 Final Study Guide: Chapter 3 I. Air Temperature Data: a. Daily Mean b. Daily Range c. Monthly Mean d. Annual Mean e. Annual Range f. Isotherm – a line that connects points on a map that have the same temperature i. Indicate temperature distributions ii. Temperature Gradient – Amount of temperature change per unit of distance 1. Closely space isotherms = rapid rate of temperature change II. Controls of Temperature: a. Largest contrast between summer and winter temperatures = Yakutsk, Siberia b. Factors that cause temperature variations between places i. Most important factor is the unequal distribution of solar radiation across earth’s surface, varying with latitude ii. Differential heating of land and water 1. Land temperatures are much higher than water 2. Land heats and cools more rapidly and to a greater/lesser extent 3. Water is highly mobile; convection distributes heat to colder water 4. Specific Heat – Amount of heat needed to raise temperature of 1 g of a substance to 1 degree Celsius a. 3 times greater for water than land iii. Ocean currents 1. Gulf Stream – Important surface current in the Atlantic ocean a. Flows northward along the east coast of the U.S.
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