PHY 118 final study guide -chapter 9

PHY 118 final study guide -chapter 9 - PHY 118 Final Study...

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PHY 118 Final Study Guide: Chapter 9 I. Mid-Latitude Cyclones : a. Low pressure systems with diameters often exceeding 1000 km b. Travel from west to east; guided by the westerlies aloft c. Lasting between a few day – more than a week d. Counterclockwise rotation (opposite in S hemisphere) with an inward flow toward the low pressure center e. Cold front and warm front extending from central area of low pressure f. Surface convergence and upward flow initiate cloud development and precipitation g. Exhibit lower pressure at center and high pressure outside of it h. Formation: (Cyclogensis) i. Two air masses of different temperatures (densities) move parallel to the front and in opposite directions ii. The frontal surface separating the two air masses will take on a wave shape (less than a few hundred km long) i. Development of Cyclonic Flow i. Warm air advances poleward invading areas formerly occupied by colder air AND cold air advances equatorward invading areas formerly occupied by warmer air 1. Reversing the direction of normal surface flow and readjusting pressure patterns, creating nearly circular isobars with low pressure centers at the crest of the wave ii. Counter-clockwise cyclonic flow develops from this iii. To the East: Warm air is flowing NE-ward toward colder air that is flowing NW- ward; because the warm air is moving in a direction perpendicular to the front, warm air is invading an area formerly occupied by cold air; results in a warm front iv. To the West: Cold air is flowing from the NW and is displacing the air of the warm sector and generating a cold front j. Occlusion, Beginning of the End:
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PHY 118 final study guide -chapter 9 - PHY 118 Final Study...

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