PHY 118 final study guide -chapter 16

PHY 118 final study guide -chapter 16 - PHY 118 Final Study...

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PHY 118 Final Study Guide: Chapter 16 I. Nature of Light: a. Light ray traveling in outer space moves at a constant speed and in a straight line; when rays encounter a transparent material (ex: glass) some rays bounce back ( Reflect) off of the surface while others are transmitted at a slower velocity through the material b. Reflection (Bouncing Back) i. Reflected light allows you to see yourself in a mirror ii. Law of Reflection – When light rays are reflected they always bounce off the reflecting surface at the same angle at which they encountered it 1. Not all objects are smooth surfaces; when light encounters rough surfaces the rays will strike at different angles and become scattered, distorting the reflected image iii. Internal Reflection – Occurs when light that is traveling through a transparent material reaches the opposite surface and is reflected back into the transparent material; This is an important factor for the formation of optical phenomena c. Refraction (Bending Through) i. The bending of light as it passes obliquely from one transparent substance to another, also as it passes through a substance of different density ii. Occurs because if light encounters a transparent material at any other angle but 90 degrees the rays are bent towards the ‘perpendicular’ because some rays reach the material before others iii. Air = small index of refraction because light rays speed is not slowed much iv. Water = big index of refraction because it greatly slows rays speed
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PHY 118 final study guide -chapter 16 - PHY 118 Final Study...

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