PHY 118 final study guide-chapter 1

PHY 118 final study guide-chapter 1 - PHY 118 Final Study...

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PHY 118 Final Study Guide: Chapter 1 I. Weather Vs. Climate: a. Weather – Constantly changing state of the atmosphere i. U.S. has the most diverse weather of anywhere in the world because it spans a large latitude and has many coastal + land locked areas b. Climate – Aggregate weather conditions of an area II. Elements of Weather and Climate: a. Temperature of the air b. Humidity of the air c. Type and amount of clouds in the atmosphere d. Type and amount of precipitation in the atmosphere e. Pressure exerted by the air f. Speed and direction of wind III.Observing the Atmosphere: a. High altitude observations are a necessity for gathering data b. Radiosondes – Lightweight packages of instruments that are fitted with radio transmitters that take data on temperature, pressure, and relative humidity in the lower atmosphere and transmit this data back to a weather station i. Essential for making accurate weather forecasts c. World Meteorological Organization (WMO) – Established by the United Nations with a purpose to Coordinate scientific activity related to weather and climate i. 187 member states ii. World Weather Watch provides up-to-the-minute standardized observations through member-operated observation systems iii. Involves 15 satellites, 10,000 land observation stations, 7,300 ship observation stations, and numerous automated data buoys + aircrafts IV.Atmosphere: a. A life giving gaseous envelope that surrounds Earth b. 99% of the atmosphere is contained within 30 km (20 mi) of Earth’s surface V. System: a. Any size group of interacting parts that form a complex whole b. Closed System – Self contained system with regard to matter (ex. Car’s cooling system) i. Energy moves freely into and out of the system ii. Matter neither enters nor leaves the system
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PHY 118 final study guide-chapter 1 - PHY 118 Final Study...

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