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WEEK OF NOVEMBER 9, 2009 -- LW121 ASSIGNMENT TEST #3 WILL BE ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13 TH Monday: Chapter 43 (Trademark); Assigned Trademark Questions/Problems Wednesday: Chapter 43 (Patents); Wal-Mart Patent Assignment; In-Class Essays - Bring Textbook Friday: Test #3; Bring #2 Pencil TEXT SECTIONS: Chapter 43 (Intellectual Property) Assignments Volunteers Due Date Trademark Identification Assignment Mayflower Trademark Assignment XXXXX Mon. 11/9 Wal-Mart Patent Assignment XXXXXX Wed. 11/11 Test #3 XXXXXXX Fri. 11/13 Trademark Identification Due Date: Monday 11/9 Identify each of the following marks as fanciful, arbitrary, suggestive, descriptive or generic and whether it is subject to trademark protection. a. “EverReady” for a battery b. “Exxon” for an oil company c. “OBX” for Outer Banks, North Carolina d. “iPod” for an MP3 player e. “Holiday Inn” for a chain of hotels f. “Google” for an internet search service g.
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