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exec summary - D wight Gonzalez MG203 Extra Credit Global...

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Dwight Gonzalez MG203 Extra Credit Global Health Leadership Institute Executive summary Mission The Global Health Leadership Institute develops the next generation of global health leaders at Yale and around the world through innovative educational, training and research programs to strengthen health systems and ensure health equity and quality of care for all. Introduction The GHLI works with health leaders to improve the performance of health systems through leadership development, management and quality improvement initiatives. The Institute is also a center for debate and progress on critical global health issues and will launch an innovative course to prepare Yale students for leadership positions focused on improving global health. Every year the GHLI host five country delegates from Ethiopia, Ghana, Liberia, Mexico and Rwanda for their inaugural conference, Strategic Problem Solving in Global Health . Through classroom learning sessions from Yale faculty, and a distinguished panel of experts; the goal of the conference is to build leadership capacity and serve as a launching point for delegates to implement focused efforts to strengthen their health systems.
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The teams consisted primarily of Ministry of Health officials, as well as representatives from academic institutions and nongovernmental organizations. Prior to the start of the conference, each delegation identified a problem statement representing a specific health systems issue that is a priority for their country. The problem statements covered a range of topics, last year they included: Strengthening management capacity in hospitals – Ethiopia;
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exec summary - D wight Gonzalez MG203 Extra Credit Global...

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