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This letter is to inform you of my unusual circumstances. From the age of 12-16 I have not been in a stable home, I don’t remember living with my mother for more than a year. When I was 13 years old I was in my grandmother’s care and I was put in an very unpleasant situation and I was forced to move back with my mother . My mother at the time was going through some personal issues of her own that was making her unhappy which caused her to rely on drugs to relieve her of the things that were making her abandon her responsibilities to my sister, brothers and I. whole my younger sister and two brothers remain in my mother’s care I went to live with my grandmother (my mother’s mother) who I discovered that was also deep into her drug addiction about
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Unformatted text preview: three months later one of my mother’s friends notified us that social services were called on my mother and she was being put under investigation . A few weeks later we were notified that she had to go to court and my sister and brothers were being taken away from her and they were put in their fathers care. I continued living with my grandmother until we found out that she was also being put under investigation and before they could open a case on her I reached out to my father’s family and informed them what was going on and I needed someone to come get me so my aunt intervened and I began living with her. Sheniceia O’Bryant...
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