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Stephanie Nguyen Period 5 5/26/10 COT: Score the Drama If you change the music, then your emotions and thoughts will also change. This hypothesis is correct based on the data table. For example, as more things were added to the clip, the more emotion the clip provoked. From the hook, we learned that different types of chords produce a different type of sound that can be used to provoke certain emotions. For example, an agumented chord creates an unease and tension ambiance in a piece of music. When the film clip had no sound or subtitles, the clip seemed extremely longer and duller than the theatrical version. From thestudy question, we learned that music has
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Unformatted text preview: revolutionized throughout the years. The number of instruments used has increased, as well as theuse of technology to create and or modify the music. It is also more common nowadays to have lyrics that play a prominent role in provoking emotion. An application to real life is parodies. By simply changing the lyrics or modifing the rhythm slightly, people have the ability to complete change the mood of the song. For example, a person can change a happy song such as Owl Citys fireflies, to a funny song talking about a completely different subject....
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