[ writer 990 American log ]

[ writer 990 American log ] - and multi-cultural, I can...

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American log This article was talk about my live in United States. My name is kaiqi, zhang came from china, well it’s my first come here in U.S.A and I believe this is a magical journey. when I was young I know about United State, beginning of The United States of America flag “Stars and Stripes” on TV and it’s no doubt that the logo about “The Bald Eagle”. Of course, It’s my first time to know the America. However, In my 18-year-old that year, I was fortunate to come to America. My parents told me come to America is Challenge no a chance, and what’s more about Independence and growth up. For me I thank is dream ,the dream about I can go to different world. I can see a lot of Multi-racial
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Unformatted text preview: and multi-cultural, I can breathe filled freedom air, I can feel about an Equal society. The day finally came, I take off the plane cross the Pacific Ocean to American. I saw the fames logo The Bald Eagle and carry to real guns Police, and looks very ugly McDonald Clown. But its necessary of us to realize to Equal society in United States. One day I take transfer go to the school ,I saw the bus driver Personally Help disable, but The most important thing is Bus location reserved for persons with disabilities. This wheelchair can be just like normal people can Enjoy the good life should belong to him. To this end, the car the software and hardware to complete this very human services....
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[ writer 990 American log ] - and multi-cultural, I can...

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