Fighting Bologna with water

Fighting Bologna with water - burner I waited until it was...

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Fighting Bologna with water. Cody Rude Black 3
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Mr. Fernandez October, 30, 2010 Fighting Bologna with water. Someone once said “Revenge is best served cold”. With sweet laughter, I served it hot. Revenge is sweet but the obstacles I had to overcome in order to exact revenge were difficult. On June 30 th at 3:25 am at my best friend’s house, our laughter woke up the whole house. While staying at my friend Noah’s house on June 23 rd , he thought it would be funny to smack me with bologna when I was asleep. Because I slept so hard, I did not even know that he had done it. Three days later, his brother explains what Noah had done. When he told me I was angry, very angry. I felt like hurting him, but I did not. I chose to wait. I waited until later that week, thus begins the unraveling of the story. When I stayed there later that week, I was thinking about my revenge all day. If it was a sin for doing it, so may the good Lord strike me down. I got up to get a drink about 2:30 in the morning. I recognized he would asleep, so I grabbed a pot. I filled it with water and put it on the
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Unformatted text preview: burner. I waited until it was hot, but not too hot to burn him, feeling it with my hand. I carried it down stairs being very quite. Waiting for just few moments, I splashed it on his face and chest. He began to scream like a little girl. It was the most fun I ever had. Watching the pain and surprise that Noah was in was hilarious. Tears, surprise, and finally laughter was all I had seen in the face of a good friend. I heard the pain and laughter in his voice. We heard each other’s laughter and got some cold water for heat to cool down. After we were done laughing and joking around, we made Ramen noodles in the same pan. Overcoming the challenge of thinking of the perfect revenge and waiting was hard, but it was worth the effort to exact revenge on a friend that had wronged me with bologna. I guarantee that hot water did not feel good, however serving revenge hot felt great....
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Fighting Bologna with water - burner I waited until it was...

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