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NO BOY KNOWS - Sip from the earth in their endless thirst...

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NO BOY KNOWS* There are many things that boys may know - Why this and that are thus and so, - Who made the world in the dark and lit The great sun up to lighten it: Boys know new things every day - When they study, or when they play, - When they idle, or sow and reap - But no boy knows when he goes to sleep. Boys who listen - or should, at least, - May know that the round old earth rolls East; - And know that the ice and the snow and the rain - Ever repeating their parts again - Are all just water the sunbeams first
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Unformatted text preview: Sip from the earth in their endless thirst, And pour again till the low streams leap. -But no boy knows when he goes to sleep. A boy may know what a long, glad while It has been to him since the dawn's first smile, When forth he fared in the realm divine Of brook-laced woodland and spun-sunshine; -He may know each call of his truant mates, And the paths they went, - and the pasture-gates Of the 'cross-lots home through the dusk so deep. -But no boy knows when he goes to sleep....
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