April 11Political Science Monday April 11

April 11Political Science Monday April 11 - Political...

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Political Science Monday April 11 Mathematics and democracy: Conflict : Helping the worst off and avoiding envy More theoretical than the paradoxes of fair division Chapter on political philosophy KiLGOR AND bRAMS :How democracy resolves Conflict in Difficult Games Resembles hindmore, public goods proble, people want to be free riders. Brams found a solution, it can be overcome by voting. Direct linkage to how you vote to rewards Democracy resolves conflicts in difficult games like prisoners dilemma and chicken 1) by transforming them into voting games in which voters are presented with a choice btw a coop outcome and a pareto inferior noncoop outcome 2) by rendering voting for cooperation a weakly dominant strategy in the voting game independedt of the decision rule such games are illustrated by 2 person and n person public good game in which it is optimal to be a free rider i.e. exous levites kill 300 israelites who commit idolatry Resolution by voting in a 2 person prisoners dilemma Assume on player in a 2 person pris dilemma (pd) is a wealthy individ, who, together with the rest of the public, treated as a single player. May or may not contribute to the renovation of a public park. Both players rank their payoff from best to worst as follow 4: partial renovation without contributing 3: full renovation with contributing 2: no renovation with contributing 1: partial renovation with contributin this is a 2 person prisoners dilemma rest OF PUBLIC = WELATHY INDIVID Contribute Don’t Contribute Contriute (3,3) (1,4) Don’t Contribute 1,4 2,2 Games that evolve over time, or farsighted players can cooperate
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April 11Political Science Monday April 11 - Political...

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