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Game theory Class March 7th

Game theory Class March 7th - enhance the expression of...

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enhance the expression of choice Or the efficiency of gov Game theory Class March 7 th Ch 6 we only need give a cursory glance. Joint work with Richard pardoff at duke it is a technique to minimize misrepresentation with borda counts etc. ensure representation to as many voters as possible. You don’t need a majority on the council, you need at least one person on the council to express your interests. Even if he often looses. Try to apportion representatives behind each voter so that each voter gets represented more or less equally. It is alleged sometimes that because the united states does not have proportional representation it prevents people from being represented . so ballots seemed a good way to fix this. Prop 13 in California gave power to the people as opposed to the government as to the ability of the government to tax people. Since the 1970’s most people have lowered taxes leading to issues. In California it is very easy to get things put up as a referendum on the ballot, in the east less so. Possibly because these western states are more recent. What kind of outcomes does direct democracy lead to. PARADOX OF MULTIPLE ELECTIONS STEVEN J BRAMS BOOK Ch7 Brams 8 combinations 2 ways of voting on the first 2 on the second 2 on the third Combination No of voters ( no ties) No of voters ( ties) 1. YYY 3 1 2. YYN 1 0 3. YNY 1 0 4. YNN 1 0 5. NYY 0 0 6. NYN 3 1 7. NNY 3 1 8. NNN 1 0 TOTAL 13 3 WINNER NYY
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THE WINNING COMBINATION N beats Y on proposition 1 Y beats N on proposition 2 Y beats N on prop 3 NYY got the fewest votes, no one gave it a unique ballot yet it won.
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Game theory Class March 7th - enhance the expression of...

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