april 18Designing political institutions

april 18Designing political institutions - Designing...

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Designing political institutions, reading response Monday April 18 th Ulfelder, on p 74 of “Dilemmas of Democratic Consolidation” talks about the “random narrative” strategy proposed by Fearon ad Laitin ( 2008). This process emphasizes randomizing selection of cases to test the model to avoid selection bias. When applying a model to say fair division in divorces there is a universally accepted definition of the process of formal legal divorce. But with certain, more nebulous terms like “democracy” there are multiple definitions (a fact which did not escape the author who went at length to describe different definitions of democracy and state which one he thought were more accurate and the tests these “ democracies” had to meet.) If one is compiling ones own list based on preset criterion is that not a form of selection bias? I do not think this is a problem so long as one restates all of the criterion the randomized list had to meet before being eligible. When Ulfelder talks about reification and realignment of individuals into
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