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Political science class - Minimax vs minisum essentially AV...

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Minimax vs minisum ( essentially AV voting) Hamming distance is often used in electrical engineering as refers to circuits. Evolutionarily STABLE STRATEGY ( not every nash equilibrium is an ESS). Here is the game of chicken Col Col SWERVE DON’T SWERVE SWERVE Row 3 3 4 2 DON’T SWERVE Row 2 4 1 1 There are 2 nash equilibria and one in mixed strategy Remember 3,3 top is cooperation Commitment can be rational. For example if you see me rip out my steering whel you know my strategy will be Don’t swerve. So now your best option will be to swerve away. (i.e. a payoff of 4 and 3 are off the table for you, so you have a
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