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Wednesday april 20th Poli sci

Wednesday april 20th Poli sci - Wednesday april 20th Poli...

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Wednesday april 20 th Poli sci Nathaniel Elghanayan May 9-11 ( M-W) MAY 11-13 ( W-F) MAY 13-16 (F-M) Theory of moves allows people to better capture negative emotions ( it is harder to look at the positive side to model emotions) or model other emotions such as envy or jealousy Fair division of indivisible goods, I cut you choose. Better for allocation in Albany Game theory in the humanities ( the handout is practical simply with a ) Brams defines with the magnanimity game a generic game The payoffs are not completely specified 4321 They are indicated symbolically by allowing a series or groupings example assume, in a 2 player game, there is a player A with a dominant strategy ( we can assume nash) if both have a dominant strategy there would have to be a nash a unique ordering strictly orders payoffs best to worst here we do a partial ordering where we model 12 different payoffs we specify a class of situations with a generic game ( as opposed to unique situation A=x = ROW PLAYER W = COLUMN PLAYER =F F frustrated player
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A ( advantag er player (x11,W1 1 (X12,W12 ) (x21, W21 X22,Y22
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