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Homework _2 - Homework #2 Due Date: 10/30/10 by 11:59pm...

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Homework #2 Due Date: 10/30/10 by 11:59pm Deliverable : post your homework on Blackboard digital dropbox as a zipped file with the name “HW2- YourLastName, FirstName”. Communicate all questions regarding the homework with the TA. Using the data spreadsheet provided below to achieve the following: 1. Assume it has been requested that this project be started on 10/20/10 after the project in Homework#1 has been started on 9/20/10. This project and the project in Homework#1 will use/share the same resources listed in Homework#1 . 2. Create a resource pool in MS-Project 2007 that will be shared by Homework#1 and Homework#2 3. Feed the information provided in this handout in MS Project to create the Project Plan and the Network Diagram 4. Create a WBS with the required phases and activities to complete this project 5. Assign the Resources to the Tasks making any assumptions you consider appropriate (Software Engineering Assumptions). 6. What is the earliest finish date for this project if it is scheduled to start on 10/10/10.? (under this scenario, as soon as engineers complete their tasks on Homework#1 you will assign them to start working on tasks for Homework#2 project) 7. Is it feasible to complete this project (Homework#2 project) 2 weeks after the
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Homework _2 - Homework #2 Due Date: 10/30/10 by 11:59pm...

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