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CS587 Software Project Management (CS587) Homework #1 RAKESH KUMAR SENTHILNATHAN CWID: A20258386 1. Feed the information provided in this handout in MS Project to create the Project Plan and the Network Diagram Answer: Microsoft Project file “HW1_SENTHILNATHAN,RAKESHKUMAR.mpp is the one prepared with all the information provided in the handout. I did not provide separate Network Diagram, View -> Network Diagram shows complete network diagram 2. Create a WBS with the required phases and activities to complete this project Answer/Explanation: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is added in MS Project file “HW1_SENTHILNATHAN,RAKESHKUMAR” file in the zip bundle. 3. Assign the Resources to the Tasks making any assumptions you consider appropriate (Software Engineering Assumptions). Answer: Allocation of resource is made in MS Project file
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Unformatted text preview: “HW1_SENTHILNATHAN,RAKESHKUMAR” – the file for question 1. 4. What is the earliest finish date for this project if it is scheduled to start on 2/21/11? Answer The Earliest Finish date is 4/22/11. 5. If you are not allowed to use more than 50% of the resources available at any point of time for this project, what is the earliest finish date for this project if it is scheduled to start on 2/21/11? Answer: The project plan for this is “ HW1_SENTHILNATHAN,RAKESHKUMAR ”. Based on possible optimum resource allocation, the planned (earliest) finish date for the project is date 6. Submit your MS Project File Answer: Following are MS project files found in the zip file with detailed project plan. HW1_SENTHILNATHAN,RAKESHKUMAR...
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