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Srihari Vasista Page 1 of 1 Homework# 2 CS445-01: Spring 2010 Illinois Institute of Technology - Computer Science 1. Status of the Assignment: Completed 2. Difficult part of the Assignment: Writing Ruby code for the last problem. I wasn’t aware of ruby coding, had to learn ruby to write the code. Youtube videos on ruby tutorial turned very helpful. I also had to implement exception handling for this language. 3. Lines of Code: Class 15 Class 110 4. Lines of Code in Unit Tests:
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Unformatted text preview: Class 19 Class 73 5. Unit Test Coverage Tool: EMMA Package includes the Coverage.html file to determine the coverage of code. 6. Cyclomatic complexity of the Code: Metrics 7. Cyclomatic Complexity (CC) = 9 Class wise CC: • Coin.rb – 1 • CoinTest.rb – 1 • Wallet.rb – 6 • WalletTest.rb – 9 Note: The code contains all the necessary comments at required places and follows coding standards. Exception Handling for the code also has been done...
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