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ARE 3434 Exam 1

ARE 3434 Exam 1 - DREW MAGIERA ARE 3434 EXAM#1 1 Please...

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DREW MAGIERA ARE 3434 EXAM #1 1. Please write a brief essay describing 4 trends in environmental and resource policy in the US, since 1970. 4 Trends: 1. Federal in the 1970’s a. EARLY: Traditional air and water problems b. MID-LATE: Energy/Toxic substances/Hazardous waste 2. Back to state and local in the 1980’s 3. Federal in the 1990’s a. Traditional Problems b. Lack of expertise at local level c. Environmental groups stronger at national level 4. Now, all levels of gov’t are involved in environmental policy and management a. Global warming/Climate change, ocean health, biodiversity loss, energy problems. 2. Please define and explain the difference between Positive and Normative Policy Analysis. Give an example of each as it relates to environmental policy. Also please explain the distinction between viewing pollution as a technological problem vs. viewing it as a behavioral problem. Positive: What is a. Environmental politics b. Content of environmental policies c. Policy analysis Normative : What ought to be a. Involves value judgments Technological: Regulator enforces the use of specific pollution control technology by polluters a. Command-and-control approach Behavioral: Manipulate the incentives faced by polluters a.. Burden of pollution-control choices on polluters 3. Three ways of reporting air pollution trends are by looking at: emissions, ambient levels, and exposure. Please explain each concept and give an example of each. Emissions: quantity of pollutant discharged into the environment Amount of CO2 that emits from cars
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Ambient conditions: level of pollutant in the environment in which people live The total amount of CO2 in Los Angeles Exposure: number of people living in the (polluted) environment The amount of people living in the polluted part of Los Angeles 4. Please explain the “rational model”, “functional model” and “political model”, noting similarities and differences. Which model is
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ARE 3434 Exam 1 - DREW MAGIERA ARE 3434 EXAM#1 1 Please...

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