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Abstract_Expressionism - ART HISTORY 173 The Early Cold War...

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4/25/2011 1 ART HISTORY 173 April 26, 2011 The Early Cold War in the United States: Abstract Expressionism and Post-Painterly Abstraction Abstract Expressionism “The New York School” Paint rapidly applied to huge canvases in an effort to show artists’ feelings and emotions, painting gesturally, non- geometrically, sometimes applying paint with large brushes, sometimes dripping or even throwing it onto canvas. • Reflects anxiety about Cold War existence • Total abstraction allows for full expression • More about the artist than the art • A return to Rubenist-like art • Two types checkbld “Gestural Abstraction” checkbld “Chromatic Abstraction”
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4/25/2011 2 “Action Painting” Harold Rosenburg checkbld The canvas is “an arena in which to act—rather than as a space in which to reproduce, re-design, analyze, or ‘express’ an object actual or imagined.” checkbld Act of creation inseparable from artist and his biography checkbld A complete erasure of the object checkbld
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