POP ART - Each flaw dipcts her flaws in reality. Conparison...

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Jasper Johns FLAG Discussion the meaning of symbols, semiotics. By chosing recognizable 25.20 Richard Hamilton, Just What Is It That Makes Today’s Homes So Different, So Appealing? , 1956 Consumerism—But not a movement-an idea of econmy Has photomontage. Art consume by the greater public. 25.22 Robert Rauschenburg, Canyon , 1959 Uses COMBINE: (mixture of painting and sculture) This has no meaning. 25.23 Roy Lichtenstein, Hopeless , 1963 Affected by-------Cubism, epreisionsim -Using things for commercial purpose adevertisemnt, the media gender bias. Car-Made of dots to give tone WHAAM- Hopeless-Geneder bias—changed color for commercialism Drowing- 25.25 Andy Warhol, Marilyn Diptych , 1962 Diptych ----Used for releiguoous art with to panels.
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Unformatted text preview: Each flaw dipcts her flaws in reality. Conparison with the movie person and the real person Combine Consumerism Post-Modernism Pluralism Why did Pop Artists reject Abstract Expressionism? Why did Pop Artists use or reference everyday images and materials in their art? Why did Modern art finally die? It was becoming mainstream. What replaced it? POS-MODERMs an aesthetic not movement---DIFFEthere are no movements within Beiefs that by combining the two_____ Spin offs and not offs Criticizes originalliity Uses Phoography- and the accuracy of h style-Becasome snarravtive Understand why Post-Modernism seems resistant to the development of movements within its aesthetic. PLURAlism-variety of styels all at the same time....
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POP ART - Each flaw dipcts her flaws in reality. Conparison...

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