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Intro___Dicotkeyslect - equipment used in experimental...

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1 Welcome to Biol 116 – General Biology Lab Dr. Kristi Hannam Teaching Teams n Course Coordinator – Dr. Hannam n Faculty Supervisors n Hannam, Haynie, Briggs, O’Donnell n n n ULAs Syllabus n Labs and Assignments for the semester n Required text: "A Student Handbook for Writing in Biology, 2 nd edition", Karin Knisely, Sinauer Freeman Publ., Gordonsville, Va., ISBN 0-7167-6709-0. Grading n Grades will be based on the following system: n 1. Quizzes (best 7 of 9) 20% n 2. Lab Final 10% n 3. Written Assignments 30% n 4. Oral reports 25% n 5. Participation 15% MyCourses n Biol 116: Prelab n Find your Lab Manual under “Course Materials” n Prelab lecture notes n n Biol 116: Your Lab Section n Lab Manual found under “Course Materials” n Quiz, Participation, Assignment Grades n Announcements for your section What are the goals of Biol 116? n n understand experimental design and how to interpret results n introduce some of the techniques and
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Unformatted text preview: equipment used in experimental biology n illustrate some important biological concepts and information and the interrelatedness of these topics 2 What goes on in Prelab? n Introduction to Concepts Critical to Lab n Quizzes n Important Policies: n Attendance at prelab and lab meetings n Cell phones Themes for the Semester n The diversity of life – How to identify & classify it n Introduction to Biostatistics for the Lab n Diffusion and Enzyme Action: important processes for cellular function n Animal Behavior and Physiology: how organisms interact with and respond to their environment What you must bring with you to lab n A printout of the lab for the week – download this from MyCourses n Notebook paper, pen, pencil n Laptop computer n Goggles (for Diffusion & Enzyme Labs) This Week in Lab n Introduction to the lab n Meet your teaching team n Laboratory policies n Safety n Learning to construct dichotomous keys n Scavenger Hunt QUESTIONS?...
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Intro___Dicotkeyslect - equipment used in experimental...

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