Wk 2 Club-It Submission

Wk 2 Club-It Submission - Capterra Software Solutions

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CLUB-IT Describe the type of essay that you will write. The Club-It paper will be written as a case-study analysis Describe the audience for your paper. This paper will be presented to the owners of Club-It and to the management team of which the will have a low to moderate amount of education in software management solutions. Describe the purpose of your paper. The paper will show available resources that will help to automate different areas of Club-It and developed dashboard resources for all bottom line numbers and counts. List two references that do not include the text. Pinnacle Hospitality Systems Solutionshttp://www.pinnaclehs.com/blog/nightclub-software-solutions-restaurant-software- solutions-increase-bottom-line-profits.html
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Unformatted text preview: Capterra Software Solutions http://www.capterra.com/restaurant-management-software Summarize the topic of your paper. Analyze current management solutions and decide which areas would profit from being automated and why. Then, using pre-developed software decide on the most cost-effective IT solutions for each area. Summarize the key points you will discuss in your paper and conclusions. Analyze current methods of information automation and suggest areas that could be automated and why. Financial Management Night Club Operations Employee Management Discuss current available IT solutions for: Financials Bar Kitchen Employees Conclusion: Pros and cons of recommended changes....
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Wk 2 Club-It Submission - Capterra Software Solutions

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