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CLUB IT BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS ANALYSIS 1 Club It Business Information Systems Analysis Stephanie A. Gelman-O'Connor Bis109 April 27, 2011 M. Green
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CLUB IT BUSINESS INFORMATION SYSTEMS ANALYSIS 2 The goal of this analysis is to manage and conserve company resources. The first step is to define the club’s clientele so that marketing and entertainment can focus on areas that create the greatest financial growth for Club It. Then determine if the Internet presence and use of technology and third party application and platforms can be added or modified to increase traffic to the club. Last a look at supply chain management issues and using the available resources to the fullest potential. Club It clientele span two distinct generations, the Net Generation (1961-1981) the Millennial generation ( 1982–2000 ) (Strauss & Howe, Sep 30, 1992) Though born close together they approach the world from a slightly different angle both of these generations have an intense need for social contact, perhaps more than previous generation. The Net Generation does their shopping, new reading, ticket ordering, and restaurant searches online. These people have strong views and are consistently looking for venues to express themselves (Skiba, PhD, FAAN, n.d.) They create blogs, submit opinions and support their favorite haunts through sites like Yelp.com and Restaurants.com. This generation is more likely to support a cause meaningful to them and fundraising events are likely to have an appeal that creates support for Club It. The Millennial communicate primarily with their phones using text messages and social media applications like face book and are not inclined to blog but will use tweet.com. They take the Internet for granted and use it as a resource rather than a means of expression (Camp, April). These young people come from extremely diverse cultures and enjoy a mix of music and entertainment. Both segments bored easily and are always looking for new experiences. To support their personalities a nightclub must have current artists and edgy entertainment. These people do not mind spending money on entertainment meaningful to them, but are not prone to excess spending. To remain competitive it is imperative that Club It have a presence on the web. This site must have a professional confident design and a navigation system that will support different ways of browsing their website. The designer must understand how to build traffic through product and keyword visibility. Involving third-party software will allow the website to perform business supporting functions at a lower cost. Including e-commerce on the site will support the sale of weekend concert tickets. Ideally it should recognize repeat customers and individual accounts (jonathanbrigs, Oct.) Clientele registering their presence on the Club It site create a static list for e-mail and text messaging marketing programs.
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