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Ch.5 psych studyguide - E rin Semple 1. Define a...

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Erin Semple 1. Define a distribution of means and explain how this differs from the comparison distributions of previous chapters. A distribution of means is the distribution of a set of means found from a group of samples. Though the mean is the same with this type of distribution, the variance is naturally less than the previous distributions we have discussed, because the extreme scores in individual distributions have been accounted for. 2. What are the three key characteristics of the comparison distribution of means? Know the equations associated with each rule. The variance is found by squaring the standard distribution of individuals and dividing it by the total number of individuals in a sample. The standard error is found by taking the square root of the variance. The final rule says that the shape of a distribution of means will be roughly normal as long as there are at least 30 individuals in each sample. 3. Compare the three kinds of distributions in terms of content, shape, and equations. One kind of distribution is the distribution of individuals, which includes individual scores, tends to be a normal distribution with a large variance, and has equations that include the mean, standard deviation, and
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Ch.5 psych studyguide - E rin Semple 1. Define a...

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