studyguide 10 - 1 How is the factorial analysis of variance...

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1. How is the factorial analysis of variance different from the one-way ANOVA in chapter 9? The factorial analysis is similar to the one-way ANOVA, however, in a one-way ANOVA, only one independent variable can be tested. With a factorial analysis, the effects of two or more independent variables can be looked at. 2. Describe a factorial research design. What are its advantages? A factorial research design is created so that the effects of multiple variables can be studied. This is done by looking at the different combinations that are possible to create with the different variables. Its advantages are that one can see how multiple variables affect a dependent variable in combination. This is a more accurate way to look at the world because most things are determined by multiple factors. It is also a more efficient way to run a study because multiple variables are being tested at one time instead of running more than one study for each variable which would take more time and more participants. 3. Explain what interaction effects are and why they’re important. Interaction effects are the effects that occur when two or more independent variables are combined. These effects are different than the effects that are seen when these variables are tested by themselves. These effects are important, again, because many situations are not determined by just one variable. If these variables were not tested in combination, the effects of the individual variables may not have been significant, when in fact, when combined the effect could be significant and important to understand. 4. What is a main effect and how is it different from an interaction? A main effect has to do with particular grouping variables. A grouping variable will produce a main effect if, when averaging the results per level across the other variables, the averages are different from each other. Basically, a main effect just shows the significance of an individual grouping variables despite the other
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studyguide 10 - 1 How is the factorial analysis of variance...

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