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Unformatted text preview: John Gray – Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus Scanned by NOVA Scanner: Canoscan D1250 U2F Software: Omnipage Pro 9 Date: 28 August 2002 NOVA Scans so far: 01. A.J Quinnell - Man on Fire 02. Clive Cussler - Vixen 03 03. Nick Hornby - How to be Good 04. Locks Picks & Clicks 05. Jeffrey Deaver – The Empty Chair 06. Kim Stanley Robinson – The Years of Rice and Salt 07. John Gray – Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus 08. Jeffrey Deaver – The Stone Monkey (commenced 28 Aug 2002) Acknowledgments I thank my wife, Bonnie, for sharing the journey of developing this book with me. 1 thank her for allowing me to share our stories and especially for expanding my understanding and ability to hon or the female point of view. 1 thank our three daughters, Shannon, Julie, and Lauren, for their continued love and appreciation. The challenge of being a parent has allowed me to understand the struggles my parents had and love them even more. Being a father has especially assisted me in understanding and loving my father. I thank my father and mother for their loving efforts to raise a family of seven children. 1 thank my oldest brother, David, for understanding my feelings and admiring my words. 1 thank my brother Williarn for motivating me to higher achievements. 1 thank my brother Robert for all the long and interesting conversations we had until dawn and for his brilliant ideas, from which I always benefit. I thank my brother Tom for his encouragement and positive spirit. 1 thank my sister Virginia for believing in me and appreciating my seminars. I thank my deceased younger brother Jimmy for his love and admiration, which continue to support me through my difficult times. I thank my agent Patti Breitman, whose help, brilliant creativity, and enthusiasm have guided this book from its conception to its completion. I thank Carole Bidnick for her inspired support at the beginning of this project. I thank Susan Moldow and Nancy Peske for their expert feedback and advice. I thank the staff at HarperCollins for their continued responsiveness to my needs. I thank all the thousands who participated in my relationship serninars, shared their stories, and encouraged me to write this book. Their positive and loving feedback has supported me in developing this simple presentation of such a complex subject. I thank my clients who have shared their struggles so intimately and trusted my assistance in their journey. I thank Steve Martineau for his skillful wisdom and influence, which can be found sprinkled through this book. I thank my different promoters, who have put their hearts and souls into producing the john Gray Relationship Seminars where this material was tried, tested, and developed: Elley and Ian Coren in Santa Cruz; Debra Mudd, Gary and Helen Francell in Honolulu; Bill and Judy Elbring in San Francisco; David Obstfeld and Fred Kliner in Washington, D.C.; Elizabeth Kling in Baltimore; Clark and Dottie Bartell in Seattle; Michael Najarian in Phoenix; Gloria Manchester...
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Men_Are_From_Mars_Women_Are_From_Venus_John_Gray_ - John...

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