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Lesson Plan for March 2, 2010 Good morning, thanks for coming in today. I hope all goes well for you. You should have six students today. Julie and Corrine are really good and will help you with whatever you need. They can run the class if you are unsure and you can provide some support if needed. This class is made up of 6 th , 7 th and 8 th grades so there are 3 different levels of teaching for most subjects. The Schedule should be as follows: 8:40ish- Students arrive and drop their stuff off in the classroom 8:45-9:00-Students get breakfast and eat in the cafeteria. A staff is need to go with them and sit with them while they eat. 9:00-9:20-Journal. Students should spend 15 minutes of continuous writing on the topic of “Who is Jeff Gordon?” Then they should take turns reading it allowed to the class. 9:20-10:00-History. 8 th grade-Have them complete the chapter 8 standard review on page 277 1-10, 11-13 A&B’s and the standard assessment 1-5.
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