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A Mathematical Writing Checklist

A Mathematical Writing Checklist - A Mathematical Writing...

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A Mathematical Writing Checklist Below is a list of guidelines you should follow for mathematical papers. For more details, please consult A Guide to Writing Mathematics . Is your paper neatly typed? If you write the equations by hand, make sure that you have written in all of the equations. Also make sure that you have included all of the diagrams and graphs you intended to. Make sure that the paper is double-spaced and has wide enough margins. Has the paper been proofread? In college, sloppy work is not appreciated. Do check over everything. Is there an introduction? Make sure that you explain the problem to the reader. Assume that the reader is unfamiliar with the problem. The introduction should also try to indicate to the reader why the problem is interesting and give some indication of what will follow in the paper. Did you state all of your assumptions? Write down any physical assumptions that you made. (Did you assume that there was no friction? That the population grew with unlimited resources? That interest rates remained steady?) Write down any
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