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MATH 74 SYLLABUS, SPRING 2009 DAN BERWICK EVANS Contact Information email: [email protected] . Office: 775 Evans. Office Hours: Monday 4-5, Thursday 1:30-2:30 or by appointment. Course Website: http://math.berkeley.edu/~devans . There are links to numerous resources here, as well as quiz solutions and other course materials. Lectures: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 3-4 in 87 Evans. Coursework General Description: This class is about reading and writing mathematics: consider it an introductory language course. The nouns will be mathematical definitions, the sentences will be mathematical propositions and the grammar will be logic. Putting this all together (and with lots of practice), we will learn how to read and write proofs. At times the ideas we concern ourselves with might seem irrelevant, pedantic or obscure, but it is precisely this attention to detail which makes mathematics the uniquely powerful language it is. To get to the views on the top floor of mathematics, sometimes one must first toil in the basement.
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