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Unit 1 – Assignment 1 / BUS207 Business Ethics The moral philosophy I feel is best suited for making business decisions is the principle of virtues. This is also known as Virtue Ethics. Virtue ethics is a code of ethics that is based on you making decisions as a good person. This belief also follows that if you make decisions as a good person and promote the others in your organization to do the same, everyone would then strive to become a person of high moral character. The theory is that when you create and become the person you want to be, arriving at the correct moral decisions will come naturally. The use of virtue ethics is based less on what rules are in place for right and wrong, rather they focus more on developing good character traits in yourself and your employees.
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Unformatted text preview: These character traits will help all involved to make better and correct decisions not only now but also in the future. These character traits will not only help in business but also help in your personal character. The other focus of virtue ethics is that it will teach people how to break bad habits or vices. The longer you practice these virtues, the less likely you are to continue with any bad traits. These stand in the way of becoming a good moral person. The only problem with this part of the theory is that what one person may hold as a virtue may be seen by another person as a vice. References Austin Cline. (2008). Virtue Ethics: Morality and Character. Retrieved March 25, 2009, from http://atheism.about.com/od/ethicalsystems/a/virtueethics.htm....
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