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Accounting Principles 1 Running Head: ACCOUNTING PRINCIPLES Accounting Principles
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Accounting Principles 2 Introduction The paper discusses about an unusual or conflicting accounting principle that has impacted chosen for profit organisation and the analysis of its published financial statements for the last 2 financial years. The paper also discusses about the functions of each department of the organisation and about their strengths and the weaknesses. The organisation that has been chosen in this paper is Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. The organisation is the highest manufacturer and the distributor of the bottle and can liquid refreshment. It is concerned with non-alcoholic refreshment. The financials of the organisation for the last two years clearly show that the organisation is doing very well. Financials of the Company The net operating revenue of the organisation in the financial year 2008 was $ 21, 807 million whereas the financial year 2009 it has dipped slightly to $21, 645 million. This has though not affected the Gross Profit of the organisation which has shown an increase of $ 268 million. In the financial year 2008 the organisation showed a net loss but it bounced back and turned the loss in the profit in the financial year 2009. The losses in the financial year 2008
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Unit_5_Individual_Project__Principles_of_Accounting_I -...

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