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Unit 3 - Assignment 1 - This will also be in writing and be...

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There are several levels of disciplinary actions that can be taken for all offensives regardless of your status, employee or management. For the first offence of any infraction, everyone should have a warning. This will still need to be documented in their employee file but will not be considered a punishment. Everyone deserves one free pass due to many reasons; bad day, problems at home, illness, ignorance of rule, etc. For a second offence there should be a written reprimand that is signed by the manager and employee. This way it is documented that the employee is aware of the offence. If the employee wants to contest the reprimand it will also be documented and the results of the investigation will also go into the employee file. All contested reprimands will be investigated by a different manager that was not on duty at the time of the offence. If an employee has a third offence to the rules they will be suspended for a week without pay.
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Unformatted text preview: This will also be in writing and be signed by the manager and employee. If the employee contests the reprimand it will be investigated as in the second offence. If an employee has a forth offence they will automatically be fired. At this point there will not be any contesting of the punishment or other investigations. They employer will be covered for any lawsuits that the employee wishes to bring against the company due to the documentation of the first three offences. There are always exceptions to these rules, one is if the employee is caught stealing from a customer or the company. Another is if there is any sexual harassment by employee or management. Lastly is if there is a physical confrontation with an employee or manager, regardless of whether it is with another employee or customer. These offences will be grounds for immediate termination of employment....
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