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Unit 3 - Assignment 2

Unit 3 - Assignment 2 - practical for a local used...

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Job analysis is procedure used to identify the particular job duties and skill sets along with the importance of these for a given job. In using the job analysis in this way we would be able to properly identify the personality, experience, and education required for each position. The first part of setting up the job analysis will be to meet with the partners and determine what we expect for each position that we are hiring for. We will need to set up the expected duties for each employee and manager and have a clear expectation of the skills needed. We will also have to determine the amount of pay and benefits we are willing to give for each position. Once this has been established we can begin to determine the best ways to advertise for these positions. As a former business owner I have found that the easiest ways to advertise positions in today’s market is by posting the position on the different online job boards. Unfortunately this would not be
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Unformatted text preview: practical for a local used bookstore as we would be overwhelmed with resumes of both qualified and unqualified candidates. In the scenario of the bookstore it would be better to advertise positions in the local newspapers, these also have all advertised jobs listed on their websites but are geared more for the local market. After the ads have ran we will be able to weed through all submitted applications and resumes in order to find people that have the majority of the skill sets needed, realizing that it is unlikely to find the “perfect” candidate that will have every skill set and education needed. Once this group of candidates has been decided on by the partners, we would schedule face to face interviews in order to see how they present themselves and to see if we can get a better idea of what they are looking for in an employer....
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