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Unit 5 - Assignment 1

Unit 5 - Assignment 1 - The next impact I see affecting the...

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There are several environmental factors that will have an impact on the used bookstore over the next five years due to today’s economy. The main impact that I see is due to the struggling economy on a global scale. The length of time that this will affect the bookstore will depend on how long it takes the global economy to rebound from the downturn. While everyone is watching their spending, I foresee the used bookstore market increasing because of the lower prices compared to stores like Barnes and Noble. Our customers will know that they will get a better price for any book they want and they will tell their friends; this of course will increase our sales and increase profits.
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Unformatted text preview: The next impact I see affecting the bookstore will be politics, as the political environment changes so will our customers choices in books. The books that are popular today can become the books that everyone avoids tomorrow. This has happened throughout history and as owners of the bookstore we will have to keep up with the local politics and keep the books in the store that our customers will want. If we as owners of the bookstore fail to pay attention to the tastes of our customers, they will stop shopping at our store and take their business to our competitors....
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