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Page: 1 Bojun Zhou, Accountant Statement of Cash Flow For the twelve Months Ended December 31, 2007 Current MonthYear to Date Cash Flows from operating activities Net Income$3,362.79$3,362.79 Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided byoperating activities Accum. Depreciation-Automobile358.33358.33 Accounts Receivable1,500.001,500.00 Inventory0.000.00 Prepaid Rent2,000.002,000.00 Supplies50.0050.00 Accounts Payable0.000.00 Income Taxes Payable0.000.00 Notes Payable(2,700.00)(2,700.00) Total Adjustments1,728.501,728.50 Net Cash provided byOperations5,091.295,091.29
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Unformatted text preview: Cash Flows from investing activities Used For Computer Equipment(625.87)(625.87) Furniture and Fictures0.000.00 Automobile0.000.00 Net cash used in investing(625.87)(625.87) Cash Flows from financing activities Proceeds From Bojun Zhou, Capital0.000.00 Bojun Zhou, Draw0.000.00 Used For Bojun Zhou, Capital0.000.00 Bojun Zhou, Draw0.000.00 Net cash used in financing0.000.00 Net increase <decrease> in cash$4,465.42$4,465.42 Summary Cash Balance at End of Period$30,465.42$30,465.42 Cash Balance at Beg of Period(26,000.00)(26,000.00) Net Increase <Decrease> in Cash$4,465.42$4,465.42 Unaudited - For Internal Use Only....
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