Chapter 9

Chapter 9 - 1 The term personality includes three key...

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1) The term personality includes three key characteristics. Which of the following reflects one of those characteristics? The behavior fits together in a meaningful way 2) According to Freud’s theory of personality, the aspect of personality that acts according to the reality principle is the ego 3) In which of the following levels of consciousness does the id exist? In the preconscious only 4) Which portion of the personality is concerned with preventing any kind of sexual or aggressive urges because they are not morally acceptable? Superego 5) A person who regularly spends more money than she can afford justifies it by saying “its not a big deal – we live in a time that if you need money you can always get it from a bank anyway.” Which of the following defence mechanisms does this example demonstrate? Rationalization 6) A student is angry because his professor will not review his paper. Rather than saying this to the professor, he goes home and gets angry and yells at his buddies. This scenario reflects which of the following defence mechanisms? Displacement 7) According to Freud, the genital stage is involved in the development of mature sexual and social relationships. 8) The neoanalytic theory that emphasizes a focus on the images or mental representations that people form of themselves and other people as a result of early experience with caregivers is called object relations theory 9) Which of the following Freudian concepts has been vindicated by research in the last 20
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Chapter 9 - 1 The term personality includes three key...

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