Chapter 5 Notes

Chapter 5 Notes - 1) The process of detecting stimulation...

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1) The process of detecting stimulation in the environment = Sensation 2) In signal detection theory terminology, when a stimulus is not presented but an individual reports that they have detected something, this is called a false alarm . 3) If a dim, distant light is at your absolute threshold , you can reliably detect that light 50% of the time. 4) Regarding the impact of subliminal messages, research has found that subliminal messages have the greatest impact on attitudes . 5) Difference Threshold is sometimes called just noticeable difference. 6) The absolute threshold is the lowest intensity at which a stimulus can be detected 50% of the time. 7) In order to experience sensory adaptation , our sensory neurons must respond by decreasing their activity to constant stimulation. 8) At home, when you first turn on your computer, you can hear the faint noise from the computer unit; gradually the sound seems to fade away. This happens because of sensory adaptation . 9) Rods are the sensory receptors related to peripheral vision. 10) The part of the eye that dilates or constricts to adjust the amount of light that enters the eye is the iris . 11) The retina houses the rods and cones that are the receptors for the senses of sight. 12) Rods are generally more sensitive to brightness than cones except for the red portion of the colour spectrum. 13) Dark adaptation refers to the progressive improvement in brightness sensitivity that occurs over time when you are trying to see in low illumination. 14) In low illumination, the cone receptors in the eye adjust to light after 10
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Chapter 5 Notes - 1) The process of detecting stimulation...

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