Ch16 - 1) Jason is surprised when his friend yells at him...

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1) Jason is surprised when his friend yells at him when a fire breaks out in their apartment. Afterward he tells others that his friend’s behaviors were influenced by the events that occurred. Situational attribution. 2) Kath sees a student come to class late and disrupt the professor and everyone else. He first thought is “that girl is so rude, she is self-centered.” Kath as the observer is demonstrating the fundamental Attributional error 3) At the Olympics many successful athletes commented on the fact that they were successful because they worked hard and followed their “ game plan for the competition. That is, they demonstrated the sef-serving bias 4) Sharon expected George to be angry with her when he saw her so she hardly spoken to him and avoided eye contact. As a result, he also spoke less and made less eye contact. This is an example of self-fulfilling prophecy. 5) Which of the following refers to positive or negative evaluative reaction toward a stimulus? Attitude 6) You tell your mom how much you love this particular show and so she goes to see it. She’s less than enthusiastic about it and as a result, you think “well, maybe it wasn’t really that great.” This can be explained by you attempt to reduce cognitive dissonance 7) According to Bern’s self-perception theory , your attitudes about yourself are formed to be consistent with your past behavior 8) If successful, the Peripheral route to persuasion tends to produce an attitude change through the emotional appeal of the message or the attractiveness of the speaker. 9) A musician is very skilled and experienced on her instrument. According to social facilitation,
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Ch16 - 1) Jason is surprised when his friend yells at him...

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