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1 AHIS 370 Modern Art III: 1940 to the Present Spring 2011 Prof. Catherine E. Anderson M/W 10:00--11:50 am Office Hours: Wed. 12:00-1:30 VKC 260 and by appointment 4 units Office: VKC 346 [email protected] L: Mark Rothko, Orange, Red, Yellow , 1956 R: Ai Weiwei, Sunflower Seeds , Tate Modern Turbine Hall, 2010, hand-crafted porcelain From mid-century modernism to the current postmodern condition, this course looks closely at major art movements since 1940. Visual culture from this period—painting, sculpture, mixed media, and photography—often takes a critical stance towards its own social, political, and aesthetic contexts. It ranges from the contemplative and reflective, to the challenging and disruptive. Our goal will be to engage such material through its dialogues with other art and criticism, and to interpret it through its relationships with broader cultural contexts. Thus, we will examine the social and political environments of artwork created in the era of World War II, decolonization, the civil rights movement, and globalization. Movements studied include Abstract Expressionism, Pop, Minimalism, Conceptual Art, Feminist Art, and Environmental Art. Themes to be addressed include new technologies and new media, identity politics, strategies of display and challenges to the gallery system, and critical theory in relation to art practice.
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2 Required textbooks, all available at the USC bookstore: Paul Wood, ed., Varieties of Modernism Michael Archer, Art Since 1960 , new (second) edition Additionally, you will need to purchase the course reader , available at University Graphics (a.k.a. Magic Machines), 3309 S. Hoover St. Course requirements and grading (all requirements must be completed to pass the course): Midterm I (Monday, February 7) 15% Midterm II (Wednesday, March 9) 20% Museum Visit Write-Up (due Monday, March 28) 5% Group Research Project and Presentation (April 18-20) 30% Final Exam (Monday, May 9, 8:00-10:00 am) 20% Participation in class discussions 10% Your regular attendance and active, engaged participation are crucial to your success in this course. Please come to class having completed the assigned readings for that day, and be prepared to ask and answer questions on the day’s topics. Exams will consist mainly of essay questions; you will also be required to identify images on the exam by artist, title, and approximate date (within 5 years). We will review material and discuss readings before each test. The final will NOT be cumulative in terms of image IDs, but will encompass issues that span the breadth of the course. For your research project, you will be working in groups to design a ―virtual‖ exhibition that
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Syllabus - AHIS 370 Modern Art III: 1940 to the Present...

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